Secret to Mastering HOME LIGHTING

Ambience plays a major role in setting the mood. And, the perfect ambience is set by perfect lighting. Besides illuminating the house, interior lighting deeply impacts the actual mood of the occupants.

With the plethora of options available in the market, it actually is a daunting task selecting the ambient lighting that can make your home more appealing. In this article we’ll be telling you about the different lighting requirements based on the rooms and areas of your home.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to choose lampshades, wall lights, floor lamps etc. for decorating your home. With your creative imagination and these tips from Cusack Lighting , you’ll be well ahead on your mission to add vibrancy and life to your home’s interior.

In interior designing trends, illumination plays an important role know the depth knowledge on lighting effects design. Lack of lighting affects the atmosphere and also the perceived size of the room. You can increase elegance, sophistication and style to your home by using proper lighting. The lighting shops in Dublin help you in increasing the brightness of the space by creating a unique interior design for your home.

You cannot experience the interior architecture to the fullest if you don’t have proper lights. Also, Proper lighting opens the beautiful details in the home such as wood carvings, wall designs, wallpapers and many more. It might be a design cliché, but good lighting truly is everything. Illumination affects the particular ambience and mood of a space – get it right and the whole look of your interiors will improve. Take an example of the lights in Dublin – thanks to the feel the nightlife of Ireland is highly sought after.

Types of Interior Lighting effects

Lighting requires little bit of information and the basics of functional & decorative lighting to embellish your place the way you want. Though Lights on an entire is an element, it has its divisions for example:

ACCENT LIGHTING – Accent Lighting is a unique type of lighting where it adds a gleam to make your paintings, sculptures, architectural features and other precious artifacts stand out. This type of lighting style is done by making use of a bulb which is no more than 3 times as bright as the other general lights.

GENERAL LIGHTING — General lighting fixtures involves the basics of floor lamps to illuminate an entire spatial area for safety and visibility. These basic lightings can come from both up and down since the light bounces off walls and ceilings to cover much area. Recessed lights as well as track lamps are down cast lighting which are placed below the ceiling or wall whereas typically the up-cast signals like walls sconces and also torchiere point illumination towards the ceiling. Some lights like the table along with floor lamps are both up- in addition to down-lights because they cast light toward both the ceiling and the floor.

DECORATIVE LIGHTING : Among all the other lighting options, decorative lighting is the most exciting type of choices because of the creative and innovative thought process involved. Decorative illumination creates a lovely mood and makes you feel often the relaxed atmosphere around. Unlike flat lighting within places like your office, ornamental lighting gives you a sort of high when you plan on relaxing. A decorative lighting scheme has variation in light levels and sources that indicate what the areas are designed for or what a room’s focal point is.

TASK ILLUMINATION – Work Lighting, also known as Task Light lights up the exact places where intense lighting is needed. The usage of higher per watt bulbs helps you to boost common lighting problems as overly bright lamps won’t make up for it. Some of the examples in this category are well-positioned recessed lights, track lighting, pendants, table or even floor lamps, plus under-cabinet lighting effects strips.

The importance of lighting inside today’s environment has proved to be very dynamic and also the current trend of using the light factor to enhance the interior designing has paved an innovative path and even newer varieties of products like chandeliers, roof lights, decking & pathway lights, attractive wall equipment and lighting, and much more. In fact , you can find the mountain of products in Cusack Lighting’s store.

Choice of Ambient Lighting through Room

Thanks to the expert advice from the team at Cusack Lighting, we are able to provide you a room-wise guide on selecting the very lighting that is a perfect fit for each room –

The Drawing Room

It is by far the most used room in any home. It is the main place where more number of people gather than any other places of the house. LED lighting should be used to create background light atmosphere. The team in Cusack can help you consider dimmable lights together with chandeliers within this premise. Any glare or perhaps strong shadow should be eliminated in the drawing room.

Kitchen Area

You should ensure to illuminate the kitchen area entirely with wide angle devices. The sink and platform area should have more lights. You can also choose to add under cabinet light and narrow beam your lights.

The Dining Room

You should choose ambient lighting style with a little extra focus on the tables. As per the experts at Cusack Lighting, the most suitable type of lighting and appliances for the kitchen are the pendant type or maybe hanging lights.


This area of your house doesn’t require heavy lighting. Highlight lighting is best suited for bedrooms as these help highlight artwork and photos on the wall structure. You can rev up the interiors of your bedroom by making use of lampshades, reading lamps, and floor lights.


This area of your house should be well-lit. It is a great idea to use lighting on the top as well as both sides of the bathroom mirror to illuminate this room.

Staircases & Entry Points

These areas should have minimal to low lighting as it sets the perfect welcoming appearance. You can use surface mount signals and such in order to lighten the main staircases and entry points of your property.

When choosing inside lighting, keep a note of the colors of the LED bulbs. Choosing led color temperature is really a personal preference, but one should know about some basic facts. Warm white gives low efficiency, while cool white provides more lighting fixtures efficiency.

We, at Cusack Lighting, hope that this article helps you to decide the best normal lighting for your home. You can combine accent and enveloping lights, with the colors changing from warm tones to day floor lamps – the choice is all yours!

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